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WTS: No letter postie's

JnC Manufacturing

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Updated list >>>>>>>

BKW 5.56-------$950



Mega M16 with Specwar 5.56 can-------- $1250

Sundevil M16 lower ---------------------$300


AA Arms 9mm----------$750 (2 mags)

Mp40 9mm------------$4500 (2 Mags)


M2HB 50bmg---------------------------------------$11250 each ( 100% new , USGI.)


NHM-91 7.62x39  ------------------ $950

Nodak  rec. 5.45x39 ----------------$100

RRA  5.56 ----------------------------$350



First I'll take email get's the gun !!, Or now first one to follow through with a payment ...


JnC Manufacturing




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On 1/21/2020 at 5:41 PM, Nitzel said:

Glad to hear he is ok.  I’ll assume he’s just busy.  Thanks for the info.



If you have an eForm account, it is simple to check any pending Form submissions.

We purchased one of their no law letter post samples. A non eForm 3 was submitted on 1/15 and went pending on 1/16.

Payment and paperwork was received around the same time as you stated yours was.

The non eForm paperwork, takes a bit longer as the most recent history has shown.

Hope this helps...


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On 1/19/2020 at 5:05 PM, Nitzel said:

Anyone receive their order from this seller?  I paid and sent FFL/SOT a month ago and still waiting.  Seller hasn’t replied to recent email or phone msg.


Did you get your items from Jon ? He finally emailed the other day and said the form 5 ‘s have been approved from my order way back ......

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