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Thoughts on this article concerning the NRA


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Not a fan of NYT, but LaPierre is a thief and has been stealing from the NRA membership for many years. Don't believe me ....so Google his new 12 million dollar home paid for with NRA membership funds, 2K suits, 40K wardrobes. WTF is this guy royalty? Evidently he thinks he is. This is pure bullsxit and a HUGE scam.

Still feeling warm and fuzzy about the NRA? I cancelled my membership of 50 years this year. Fxck the NRA, like USAA and other long time, dependable, one time honest orgs with membership oriented missions...things have taken a 180 deg turn at Waples Mills Rd. 

The NRA has lost focus, fiscal control and is in total denial about the theft of MILLIONS of membership dollars INTERNALLY. Internally I say!!!

HTF did Virginia end up with these b.s. new gun confiscation proposals, not one word from NRA warning about ANY of this, or any action to counter it. Wonder why... because they made a deal to be quiet with the enemy because their ass is in a legal sling, and they know it.Sold out by the very people who whine ad nauseum about all they do for gun owners. Smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show.

The current NRA is not you fathers or grandfathers NRA. Just a shell of a once great institution, and now a disgrace to loyal members of decades.

DIE NRA, you fooled us once but never twice.




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