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HK416 Complete 10.4" Barrel Upper Receive Assembly with many HK416 accessories & spare parts. (Like New) *Pics


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I have up for sale a Like New and Very hard to find, HK416 Complete Upper Receiver with the Very Desirable 10.4" Heavy Barrel. The Upper is currently installed on a Sig 516 Pistol Lower Receiver and has only had 100 rounds shot thru it. It is Super Reliable and Extremely Accurate. I have installed a set of HK416 Diopter Sights that normally do not come with these Uppers. This is a $400 dollar extra and completes the HK look and Upper Package. This HK416 Upper has all matchine Date Codes and is all Factory Original. The Barrel is marked with the AF date code, the Bolt has the AF date code, and the Receiver is marked with the AF date code. 

This HK416 has the no longer available Heavy Machine-Gun Chrome Lined Barrel which is much more desirable than the current pencil barrels that HK is now using on their Uppers.

I will also include some HK416 Extra's to make this an Awesome Deal. 

-HK416 Early Stock
-HK416 OTB Buffer Tube
-HK416 Proper Buffer
-HK416 Buffer Spring
-HK416 Battle Grip with Storage
-HK416 Castle Nut and Back Plate

-HK416 (New) Spare Firing Pin
-HK416 (New) Spare Piston Rod Assembly
-HK416 (New) Spare Piston
-HK416 (New) Spare Cam Pin
-HK416 (New) Spare After market Complete Bolt Assembly.

-HK416 (New) Spare Gas Block with new Pins.

-HK416 (New) Spare Extractor Spring and Buffer                                                                                                                        


These HK416 Uppers are Very Hard to find right now as HK will no longer sell these as Post Samples to Dealers. So with this in mind there will be no more Take off Uppers or extra parts being removed from Class-3 Dealers Post Samples. These will just Sky Rocket in value. HKparts was selling these for $6000 dollars and are now Out Of Stock. And it looks like they will not be geting anymore of these in stock anytime soon.

If you own a SBR or a Machine Gun then here is your chance to make a Big Upgrade and turn it into HK Perfection.


Only $4500 Shipped for Everything.....  (Minus the Sig Sauer 516 Pistol Lower Receiver)



















HK416 Pistol Left.jpg

HK416 Pistol Right.jpg


HK Extra's.jpg

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Someone with an M16 needs this HK416 Upper.

Or do a SBR with this Upper and all of the HK416 extra's.

$4500 Shipped is a Hell of a Deal on this with all of the HK416 Extra's.

This is not a Beat Up Police Trade In that many people out there are selling with unknown round counts. This Upper was purchased New and has had 100 rounds of Semi Automatic fire put down the barrel. Awesome and very Collectable HK here, and at a Great Price.

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