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Curio and relic classification

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So I am considering buying a 1917 browning from out of state and wanted to find out if anyone could tell me whats involved with transferring the gun as a curio and relic. The gun is currently on a form 4 with nothing special to denote that it is a C&R. However it is not a side plate gun. Do I have to have the gun certified as C&R or can I simply submit the form with my license info?

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JUNKY, since you don't know if it is or has been proven to be a C+R, you could do as I have in the past. FIRST CHECK THE EXISTING FORM AT LINE 4 SECTION A and make sure the manufacturer is logical to the arm and no additional "modern Mfgr's info "has been added .if SO complete form 4 out using your license and along with the lic / print cards and certification of citizenship.  if something in the records disqualify it as a C+R you will find out fast, usually within 2 weeks of receipt at Martinsburg, VA. after it is forwarded from Oregon. if IN QUESTION they will return your forms with contact info from the examiner. sometimes they RED STAMP your form and if so, you will need to complete a new set. your spot is secured and you can return forms with an explanation why you feel it should qualify along with DETAILED pics /close up of markings, oal with a tape, brl lgth with a tape etc. so far I am 2 out of 3 attempts. I could have won the 3rd but chose not to ship the gun for exam. one of my successful attempts I included everything with the first application and it went through fine 

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