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SWD M11 NINE Lage Max-11 With Silencers $9500


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This auction is for one SWD M11 NINE with extras!

Images: https://imgur.com/a/1boznkN

Included are:

1. SWD M11 Nine

2. Lage Max 11 Slow Fire Upper

3. Lage .22 kit for the Max 11 (not threaded yet for the included silencer)

4. Silencerco .45 Osprey with 4 pistons (one fits the Lage) spring, tool, and fixed barrel spacer

5. MPA Vigilant Stainless Steel .22lr Full Auto Rated Silencer (I never had machine work done to add a adaptor to the barrel of the .22 kit) consider this a freebie

6. Lage Folding stock

7. Lage grip

8. Factory Upper

9. Factory wire stock and all hardware

10. muzzle brake

11. 2 factory mags (one broken for parts) the other good. I MAY have more of these, they will be added to the lot if I find them

12.  8 Steel mags, I believe these were Pam2 conversions if my memory servers me correct. feed lips may need to be fitted to clear the bolt on a case by case basic, I believe I fit a couple for this gun already but did not do all of them, very easy to do.

13. 6 black dog mags, 3 lightly used (a couple of loads each) and 3 NIW.

14. Metal military transit case. Very cool way to transport and protect your investment.

On a F4 in VA. Buyer pays actual shipping and transfer fees.


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