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HK Trigger packs for sale

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I have closed my HK build operations and have only a few different trigger packs available:

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL NFA rules apply when using these.  Feel free to make reasonable offers for part or all.  Note also type of grip frame included in listing.  I cannot accept low ball offers as I am now listing at what it cost me to acquire these.  Anything less than those amounts would only come in a volume purchase or reasonable offer.  I am in no rush to sell as I can't replace these.

Here is what I have left  

Trigger packs:

1 x 9mm 3 position ESL ambi navy pack, currently set up in an HK MP5K grip frame   $550  NEW

1 x HK .40 S&W factory correct 3 position trigger pack (set up in a ergo SEF clipped and pinned grip frame)  $450  Lightly used

1 x HK G3 / 91  3 position ESL ambi back set up in clipped and pinned navy grip frame double tang   $600  NEW

1 X HK G3 / 91 factory new SEF pack in factory navy grip frame    $130 Lightly used

1 x HK 93/33 3 position trigger pack with spare .308 ejector lever not in a grip frame   $120 used

1 x HK 3 position ambi trigger pack in .308, set up with a 4 position grip frame, but with safe and semi selector switch only, trigger pack is full operable 4 position if you have the correct switch selector lever  $700  NEW

1 x HK 3 position SEF trigger pack   $120 lightly  used

1 x HK semi (SF) trigger pack with factory correct HK 53 ejector lever (not in grip frame)  $180  unused ejector lever, used trigger box

1 x HK sear ready SEF trigger pack for registered sears set up in .40 SW  $350  remanufactured all german except the relocated safety sear for use with registered sear.


HK grip frames:

Factory steel SP89 (pre 1989 in black) in new condition ( was a take off from a customer MP5K PDW build)    $150  Frames appear new / almost unused

Factory steel HK93 (pre 1988 in black) in new condition (was a take off from a customer HK 33k build)    $150  Frame appears new / almost unused




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