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Colt/Armalite 601, From the museum of HP White Labratory


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WTS Colt/Armalite 601  $45000

Actually a model 01. These guns were the earliest models and were produced prior to the military designation of the infamous M16. This rifle and several others were sent to HP White for testing directly from Colt factory. Several were used heavily and evaluated even to the point of destruction, this one was used in the museum for display purposes only. Very light use, will show signs of the gun being shot and handled. The rifle itself appears to be nearly unfired with only some handling marks. Colt also sent these to HP White for testing on function, reliability, and accuracy to give the information for the us military, police forces, and other countries for possible contracts. This rifle is coming directly from HP White and will be received with documentation and provenance. This firearm was part of the world renowned H.P. White Laboratory reference collection and museum located in Maryland. H.P. White Laboratory was started in 1936 by Henry Packard White, descendant of the infamous Packard automobile family and White truck family. From 1936 to 2008, H.P. White Laboratory has been the pre-eminent privately-owned laboratory engaged in the testing and evaluation of firearms, ammunition, armor and ballistic resistant materials. This firearm was aggregated into the laboratory collection directly by Henry Packard White and is being offered for the first time in 60 years by the laboratory owners. Meticulously maintained for decades and in original factory condition, this firearm has seen little, if any, actual use. This is a fine pristine example with all original factory installed parts. Buyer will be provided with a “H.P. White Laborartory Collection” certification letter attesting to the history and provenance of the firearm. An exceptional unmolested example with historical significance and provenance. The Model 601 was the first "AR15 Model" produced by Colt . Manufacturing started in December of 1959, with the first 300 rifles being produced, and continued until the summer of 1963. Changes made by Colt in the production process would include; painting the furniture green (after approx 100 were made), different roll markings, and changing the aluminum alloy from 7075 to 6061. Less then 14,500 were produced, with serial numbers in the 101-14,484 range. The bulk of the rifles went to the US Military with 8,500 going to the Air Force, 1,000 going to the Army for evaluation in project AGILE, and a handful going to the Navy SEALs. The rest went in very small numbers to police departments, and to foreign militaries such as Australia, Burma, India, Malaya, and Singapore. Many of the components found on the 601 were "Prototypes", and were unique to that only that model. Description is thanks to retro black rifle. Once in a lifetime opportunity to own and enjoy a rare piece. This rifle is at our retail brick and mortar store The Gun Bunker in Shrewsbury Pennsylvania. This rifle is inventory for on site viewing and inspections. Other pictures please ask we can provide. We are an 07 manufacture, that deals in NFA Weapons. We have over ten years experience in this profession. This rifle is on a form 3 ready to ship. Questions please ask ahead of time, we will be more than happy to answer. Please call us at 717-227-4867 Monday through Friday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST. Shipping must be calculated and buyer will pay actual shipping costs with full insurance. The above price reflects a cash/check discount for credit card purchases please add 3%. Good luck and thanks for looking

colt 601-1.jpg

colt 601-2.jpg

colt 601-3.jpg











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