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Marlin Camp 45 Carbine w/Integral Suppressor


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Marlin Camp 45 Carbine with Integral Suppressor:

Very nice condition Marlin Camp 45 ACP Carbine that Precision Defense Systems in Athens, Alabama converted to a quiet Armadilo Killer!  You don't see these come up very often and the basic Carbine has not been made in years; although, there is a rumor that Remington may revive this line of rifles.  This one fires the 45 ACP round, which is already subsonic, and the carbine uses standard 1911 magazines.  I will include the original magazine that came with the Rifle and an after market one that holds either 15 or 20 rounds.

This Marlin is in my "e-file" Inventory, so it can transfer to another Dealer in a couple of days.  My Corporation, Crowder Farms Enterprises, LLC (CFE) is located in the Huntsville - Decatur Alabama area and you are welcome to come by and Demo her, if interested.  I can also Form 4 to Alabama residents, and while waiting for the ATF Form 4 approval, you can fire it on my Range, when open.  If interested, it is now on GunBroker; you can do a search for her as she is the only suppressed model as I have seen in years. 








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Now on GunBroker Auction.
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