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Atypical glaucoma/blindness/shooting


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OK guys I just got back yesterday from my first eye surgery for cataracts. After an eye exam for glasses 3 years ago I started a journey that just began with total lens replacement. Right eye first, left eye in 1 month.

First IV sedation, then they use ultrasound to break up and then vacuum out the pieces. They then make a small cut into the cornea and slide the new lens under the cornea. Done. Elapsed time about 30 minutes.

My Dr (Kenneth Karlin) is one of the top  Glaucoma Dr's in the country, thank God! He's an incredibly skilled ex military ophthalmologist. who specializes in glaucoma.  

I sneaked a peak and took the patch off this morning and the early results are pretty amazing. The differential between both eyes now is day and night! Colors are much better.

Any of you out there who are 50 and over, get your eyes examined. If you like to shoot, ya gotta be able to see. If you develop cataracts or worse glaucoma, and leave it untreated, all you'll be able to do is remember the days when you could see to shoot. Because you'll be blind!





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