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The Maine saga continues......


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The wife and I both have a gazillion cc points we've both not used in years. Mine go back almost 20 years, so I decided to use some finally. The wife booked flights up to Portland for early Saturday a.m. and I booked a Jeep using mine.

Got into PIA around 10, picked up my rental Wrangler and took off for the Great Moose Lake area where the property is located. After 2 hr's we finally reach Harmony, Maine. Beautiful area. The area is super remote with roads comprised of mostly "ledge" (granite rock formations) running for 50'+ at a time with 1-2ft drop offs in the road along the way!!

The house was stunning as the photos in the ad clearly shows. Now the SHOCKER and MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT........somehow and I'm sure not by accident, the sellers agent and the seller just happened to leave out one "small" detail.

NO F-ING OUTSIDE POWER!!!!!! We were in total disbelief.

It is NOT connected to outside power. We could not believe it. We both felt sick for the first hour, then super depressed, but then realized this place would just not work for us, so even though it has a million dollar view and is built super well, this house was not going to work! The home is 100% solar with a large inverter, storage batteries and a small standby generator.

Talk about a huge let down. I have a pretty well outfitted shop in Va with plasma cutter, 12" lathe, drill press, TIg ,MIG machines, Skat Blast cabinet, pedestal sander/grinders, gear drive Jett cut off band saw, and at the high end of power consumption an Anyang 88 power hammer for forging. I don't think that faggy solar setup is gonna run any of this.

Since we were only scheduled to stay till Saturday PM we made emergency  plans to see other properties while we were up there. We rolled into Solon ,Maine about 1 and found our first prospect, which turned out to be our only one from that point on. The wife found a really nice home she loves on 20+ acres with options on 50 more. We're making an offer today on that one.

After signing off on the docusign cancellation, we are now released from the previous contract to make new offers.

While inspecting the Solon property, we go around back to the garden (the folks still live there) and I can't believe my eyes....FRIGGING WEED growing in the garden , SKUNK no less. You could smell it from 20' !! Turns out it's now legal to grow weed in Maine. Not that it appeals to me, I don't smoke anything. I just was shocked. Massive cluster buds ready to harvest, with THC dripping off the hairs! Bet you weed heads are just wetting ur pants!!

Anywho.... we're still moving to Maine, just not Harmony.

Thanks for the Maine LEO info Mike. If I had another 30 years to worry about it, I might. With my limited time on terra firma, all I want is to do what I want to do and Fxxk all the Maine LEO that act like Barney Fife  asshats.

Not all LEO mind you, just the hotdogs that ruin it for the other good leo that are not idiots. 



BTW, If some of you have never visited Maine, right now is the beginning of the the best time to be there. Color is just now starting. Acadia is a place everyone should experience. Lots of water in Maine with trout brooks , tidal water and ocean everywhere. 

Can't wait to get situated.

Best to all,


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HERE I WAS GETTING READY TO BE REALLY UPSET ABOUT THE SITUATION and kept reading thank GOD cuz it looks like you found a solution. I DONT recall if you stated the size of the bldg.'s but one would think any offer to sell would have THAT is sue close to the front. most of the people that go to those systems are so anxious to show you how smart they were building it and how stupid YOU are for staying on the grid you cant shut them up , so again I would be surprised like you it was not mentioned. we have 4 ranches that were part of a huge homestead hoard started in the 1850's by the great grandfather. there is a brother that ran from Texas and went to an eastern college, he grew to "like" the life style and stayed until the feeding frenzy started when the estate was dispersed 12 yrs ago and is now considered one of those "DAMNED YANKEE's" . he chose the 2nd largest most remote undeveloped ranch as his own, and during the holiday's EVERYONE suffered while the vertues and benefits of solar power and equipment were endlessly spewed. with plenty of money, the internet and his endless knowledge, in 11 years he has managed to get 2 wells running, powered one 40' converted container as living quarters and that's it ? I believe the pumps in the wells have been changed more than 4 times and controllers countless times. someone neglected to mention how bad lightning effects low voltage equipment. in one storm , everything except maybe a couple wire runs was vaporized. he visits many times that we wouldn't know about except the big generator is gone. so I would say scrubbing the deal was a smart move.  In my opinion that stuff is great for some little one room cabin in the back country for vacations, but nothing you want to try to live with everyday and have any kind of convenience most of us are used to. when things calm down if you can forward anything to show what you got, please share so we can be jealous.  GRATS and cheers mike

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