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Thompson 1928A1 NAC Variant-Rare, Made for Commercial Sales


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Excellent With 95% Plus Of The Parkerized/Blued Finish With Minor Light Edge And High Spot Wear Overall And Signs Of Light Firing. This is a scarce example of an originally unfinished WWII 1928A1 Thompson submachine gun initially manufactured by the Savage Arms Company under license from the Auto-Ordnance Company and then completed by the Numrich Arms Company. In the early 1970s, George Numrich acquired a huge amount of WWII spare parts and partially completed Thompson submachine receivers and barreled receiver from both the Auto-Ordnance and Savage companies and at the same time imported a large numbers of Thompsons from overseas. Using that stock pile of parts, he completed/assembled all the remaining stock of receivers and barreled receivers from the two companies into complete 1928 Thompson SMGs. He was required to remark the receivers he completed with his "NAC" serial numbering, hence the current serial number "S-527235 NAC", and sold them as commercial weapons. The receiver is marked with "MODEL OF 1928 A1/NO. S-527235 NAC" and farther back "THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN/CALIBRE .45 AUTOMATIC CARTRIDGE". It still retains its original late production short pattern 10 1/2 inch barrel without any cooling fins, a late commercial model Thompson/Auto-Ordnance "CUTTS" marked compensator, horizontal forend, fully adjustable Lyman rear sight, and a detachable buttstock. The underside of the lower trigger housing is correctly numbered and matching serial number (S-527235 NAC) to the receiver. It has a dark gray parkerized receiver and a matte blued trigger housing and barrel assembly. It is fitted with the correct walnut forend, pistol grip and buttstock. This Thompson SMG is complete with a 30 round stick magazines and one drum magazine.Way Better than a Wet Hurley at the same price. This is basically a New World War Two Thompson 
This is on a Form 3 And will be E-Filed for Immediate Transfer at $23,995! $    22,995 $22500















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Actually a "bit" more history is in order concerning these guns and I hope I get it all right. when GEORGE attempted to "organize' all the bins he bought he found apprx 15 bare receivers in the lot and they were not in the registry. the BATF went all the way back to the first buyer, the infamous KILGOR cap gun company and charged them and all following owners with transferring them and NO TAX PAID. the total taxes and penalty's were more than $130k and I believe it had been sold at least 3 times b-4 it ended up with GEORGE. if I get it right it was KILGOR, WINCHESTER, then GEORGE. He kept it separated from NUMERIC and formed another co to buy it. ONLY because GEORGE was the first to unpack the stuff since MAGUIRE IND sold it, an unknown agreement was made with BATF and the TAXES and penalty's were shared by ALL involved. the receivers were entered in the registry as manufactured BY NUMERIC stamped N.A.C.and completed. it took GEORGE several years to sell them off and I believe he still had a couple in 1969 for sale at $500 retail. again I may have not got it exactly right but its VERY close. at the time in the industry it was a kind of joke told after hours how the WINCHESTER people even payed the freight when they sold the 30 or so gaylords of goods just because they needed the room and basically "gave" it all away much to GEORGES delight . years ago GEORGE gave a detailed interview about his troubles getting his THOMPSON SEMI'S approved and he mentioned all the negotiations with WINCHESTER and the BATF. maybe someone out there didn't use as many aluminum containers as me and can add a "bit" more?

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I think Mike Todd is very informative on this subject. The only thing i can add is a story by my late friend Gordon Herigstad. Gordon told me the NAC stamped Thompsons were parts guns built by George and J Curtis Earl would embellish stories and legends about the NAC marked guns to make them appear special. Gordon field stripped and pulled the barrel on several and he was confused about all the legends? 

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