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Norrell Registered DIAS & SP1 For Sale


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Both items are on our books on Form 3s and ready to be transferred to your dealer upon payment in full.


John Norrell Registered DIAS  This autosear was register by John Norrell prior to the May 1986 cutoff.  I recently confirmed with John that he would register homemade autosears for friends and customers.  The maker of this autosear was a dealer in the 1980s and had John register his homemade sears; once registered it was transferred back to the customer shortly after May 1986.  Although rough around the edges, the sear functions flawlessly.  Comes complete with a copy of the original form 3 from Norrell, transfer to the owners NFA trust and finally to our books.  Asking $34,000.00 $33,000.00 or best offer.



AR-15 SP1 Full Auto Conversion



Questions, photos or additional details call 505-317-5150 or email nathan@sandiafirearms.com







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Price Drops; SP-1 Drop 9.5.18; SP1 Price Drop 9.14.19; SP1 sold 10/20/19
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