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12X New in wrap GI M16 30 rnd mags,1X 3 Pt GI Sling & Otis Multi Cal Cleaning Kit 165. Shpd

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I have a few sets of gear for the AR, M4 or any M16/TAVOR SIG 556/SCAR/ FS2000 mag capable weapon, all GI and all brand new as a super deal 
all you need to get it all going, maintain or put it away for the future madness!,

12 X new in wrap GI 30 rnd mags

1 X 3 Point Black Military sling

1 Large GI Issue Otis IWCK (Improved Weapons Cleaning kit) Black Multi caliber cleaning/Optics cleaning support kit includes Gerber Military Multi-tool M600 
It has Steel rod sections for stuck cases, 9mm/40 Cal, 5.56/30.cal 12 Gauge. All sorts of scrapers, flex rods so you don't damage your barrel crown,, 
all the little tools, Amazingly expensive Military issue kit in Molle Carrier. This kit alone is 675.00 on Otis website.

all above for $165.00 shipped

paypal or M.O. check ok


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