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Salute to America

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Not sure how any GENUINE American could not feel the Patriotism racing through the air today in Washington D.C.

We watched the President and the 4th of July celebration he put together for the American People tonight. 

It was an emotional event for us. An event of this magnitude and celebration was  long long overdue for the American Patriots in this country.

I'm tired of the liberal whiners , the freaks and fruitcakes, but most especially, I'm glad the era of the black messiah, the great  Blue Gummed baboon that disgraced this country for 8

L O N G years with his disgusting anti American rhetoric , is OVER!!!

It's time we had a President that is proud of this country and acts like it too.

Thank you President Trump for your special 4th of July gift to the American people.

God bless America!!





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