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9 NIB Suppressors $1,100.00, going out of business need to move tonight


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I am giving up my license and dumping the rest of my inventory. These have to go tonight or tomorrow morning as my license expires at the end of the month, trying to get this in as e-forms have been moving quick, should be able to turn it around prior to the end of the month. Only dealers, as there is no time for a form 4. I have 8 brand new Coastal Passport II .22 LR Suppressors up for sale and 1, 5.56 YHM Phantom QD. These are great suppressors, have sold a ton of them. I would put them up against a name brand high dollar suppressor any day of the week. This would make a great package for another dealer for store inventory. These retail for $299.00,& the YHM for around 500 I am selling all 9 for $1,100.00, so you would have plenty of profit margin.I file everything on E-Forms. (the gun showing one of the suppressor mounted does not come with this sale)I'll through shipping in for free, just need to move. 

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