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Chuck Houdak Inland Arms 30-06 Sideplate 1919A4 B.M.G. & Many Extras 25K


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Charles E. Houdak 

Inland Arms Sideplate 1919A4 BMG

W/ 1919A6 kit

Accessories, Spare barrels

& WWII Cloth Belt Loader

Safe Queen


Spare  original complete bolt 

Spare original barrel extension

Original WWII Tripod

Tripod Pintle

Original Tripod T&E mechanism

Carry Handle

Original 1942 dated WWII cloth belt loader

9 Original 250 round WWII cloth Belts most dated 1943

Original 30-06 links should you decide to shoot linked ammo (3000-4000)

30-06 Link starter tabs

NOS 1919A4 spare barrel (possibly 2, I have to check)

1919A6 conversion kit

2 Original 1919A6 barrels And 1919A6 barrel shroud 

4 WWII original ammo cans

Spade Grip assembly (mint & unused)

extra top cover spring

a few Original spare barrel covers 

Original 1919A4 gun cover

Original B.M.G. oil can


Inland was the FFL07/SOT firearms business of Charles "Chuck" Hudak from Dripping Springs, TX.  "C.E.H." 

stamped on the side plate after "U.S. INSP." stands for "Charles E. Hudak". 


 Hudak was an enthusiast of sideplate Browning MGs, and tried to imitate them as closely as possible, 

all his BMG builds had military parts only. Hudak's built and registered Machine Guns in the late 1970s and early 1980s, 

and his guns have an excellent reputation and don’t come up for sale that often owing to the fact his career was cut short when he was killed in a car crash in the 1980’s.


I have taken this gun to the range once and fired it with cloth belts no links have ever been used in the gun.  

gun possibly unfired before me 

photos speak to condition

contact me for larger photos or a short video of the one time I took it out & shot it



Gun with all accessories 25k or *Best Offer*

Gun is on a form 4 in Arizona

I will pay First Tax Stamp

Buyer pays shipping


Thanks For Looking!



















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