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WTB: Chauchat rear barrel sleeve and other parts


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6 hours ago, FAC said:

do yo have any Chauchat extractors you would sell?

I'll have to take a look.

Parts are around.  I have a bunch of them including a spare barrel, but it needs the rear sleeve to be made into a complete assembly to have any function. 

Some parts it's worthy of just making?  A selector switch would be a hard find on the loose and when in a kit, no one is going to separate that out so it might be a part I'd make if I needed it badly.  10 years or so ago at KCR there were 2 mostly complete kits for sale. I didn't buy the expensive one (2K or so) because you could get a registered gun for 3K.  I bought  the cheaper kit at 1500.  Stuff will continue to pop up randomly.

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I don’t have a selector switch available either. But I sincerely think whoever posted that video. Fascinating valuable information. I’ve never seen it. Nw I need to take my guns apart and see if they have that little brass ring. Thank you for providing the video.

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That's a newer video and I appreciate him giving me props for some info we discussed a couple years back.  I spent a ton of time working on the guns several years ago.  The book is also very helpful once you have a gun and can go through it.  They are cool guns and work well when set up and run correctly. 

FAC if you don't have the brass bushing, it's easy to tell since the feed ramp will have a lot of slop in it if you move it by hand.  I had a couple missing and had to make alternative parts and actually upgraded that part.  The gun will not feed a round without the bushing.

I'm not interested in trading a take down lever for a selector switch unfortunately. 

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My guns fired, so maybe they have the bushing.


How do I find that video? I know it’s an elementary question, but I’d appreciate a tip.

I believe he was incorrect on one of the causes of malfunctions. One of My guns only works when I have the aluminum cooling radiator in a certain position, otherwise it drags.


But he has presented so many details I did not know. I’m most appreciative for his work and you directing it to me. 
I am trying to convert one to 7.62 x 54 rimmed. Barrel Xchange made the barrel for me.

But that’s how I broke my extractor!

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Failure to feed issues with the new Balle D ammo from parvi partizan ammo. Good ammo for both Balle N and Balle D barrels.  See tHis thread.



At 7:50 show how to disassemble then assembly, tricky getting the cocking handle back in see video



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I don't take much stock in the 1919 discussion.  PRVI ammo runs fine in guns that function and are set up correctly.  I've spent a ton of time and research on these guns and made and upgraded a lot of parts.  Custom made chamber cutters, cutting tools, etc.  90% of the guns that actually are running, is mostly just sheer luck since a lot of stuff is not set up to original specs.  That's why I prefer Dewat Chauchat's, that damage that's been done is obvious, vs. getting into a "gun-smithed" gun that has a lot of unknowns.  I spent 4 hours yesterday on a "mint" MP28 that was completely jacked up by previous work done on it.  Another couple hours and it should be back close to original specs and function correctly.


Switching to 54r is a big gamble since there is so much more than meets the eye going on with this gun that is tuned in many different ways for 8mm Lebel?  Look at how great the US military did switching over to 30-06, then blamed the French?  Plenty of Lebel ammo on the market to satisfy my needs at a somewhat reasonable price and without further experimentation?  Contrary to popular belief, the French did not just slap 250K of these together and hope for the best.  There was a lot of engineering, testing, and training to make them the first large scale successful assault rifle.....then they gave some to America......and the word FUBAR was born.

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