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SOLD: Fleming Sear in Ambi Pack, $30k


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$30,000 for the sear in its pack, first transfer and shipping paid by seller. 

$31,500 with a PTR9CT, first transfer and shipping paid by seller.  

SOLD to user Barry Lutz

Fleming HK conversion sear, on a Form 4 in Kentucky. 

Both the sear and pack are in excellent condition. I disassembled the pack to confirm the sear's serial and check its physical condition. See photos for closeups of the markings and condition of the pin holes--I see no egging, corrosion, or other issues. The serial number is marked on the sear twice, along with what I assume is a manufacturer's marking I can't make out. 

When last sold it came installed in an Mp5K; this time it's being sold either as:

a) Pack and housing only (either an Mp5K or Mp5 housing) OR

b) Installed in a lightly used PTR9CT with an A2 stock (+$1500)



I pay the first tax stamp if you're out of state!

Payment: Due with submission of the first Form 4. I do not accept credit cards. I do accept all other standard payment methods. 

Insured shipping covered by the seller.

If you do choose to purchase the PTR9CT, that can be shipped as soon as payment clears as it's a non-NFA pistol. Stock obviously can't go with the pistol if the sear and gun go separately.


This is the second HK Sear I've listed here--the first sold a couple of months back and just shipped to the buyer.

Link to his feedback: 


I run my transfers through a local SOT. He double checks the transfer papers and will handle shipping. He transferred this sear in and is familiar with both me and the sear if you'd like a reference of sorts to confirm that this is the real deal.








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