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WTS Thermal imaging rifle scope

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For Sale ATN Thor-HD Thermal imaging scope.


I am selling my ATN Thor-HD Thermal imaging scope Model 384 1.25x5x. Like new; I have turned it on twice. Purchased new on Feb 8, 2019.






Video recording

Recoil activated video






Reason for selling

I had a problem with coyotes on my property, so I wanted some type on night vision device to scan the landscape at night before letting my dogs out to relive themselves. I went to a local gun shop that sold several models of the devices with a “friend.”  The first scope I was shown was a Leupold hand held thermal scope; perfect. Then the gun shop owner then shows me (the one I’m selling) that mounts on a rifle. My “friend” and the shop owner, talked me into buying this COOL rifle mounted scope. It turned out to be impractical for my needs, and out I went back and bought the hand-held one. So, I’m selling this one, at a loss, because it is just gathering dust.


I am not a hunter, but I must admit if you are hunting at night a rifle-mounted thermal imaging scope is GREAT. You quite simply cannot hide from it. Instead of listing its attributes I have provided a link to the company’s website:  https://www.atncorp.com/thermal-scope-thor-hd-384-1-25x-5x

This model is available online for $1799.00. I’m letting this one go for $1300.00 plus free US shipping. Scope is like NEW complete with all manuals, literature, box etc. that it came with. 

additional photos available if interested




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