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PSA: Negative interaction with M Heck

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      I recently purchased qty- 2 pre ban Galil rifles from Sturmgewehr member M Heck. Both Galil's were supposed to be new in box with all the original accesories,  however the one did not come with the original sling and cleaning kit. Mr. Heck did not hesistate to assure me that he would find the missing items which were probably in his safe or he would purchase them for me . Other than the missing cleaning kit and sling both rifles were NIB as described. 

     Well unfortunately Mr. Heck did not follow up with his word! After several texts he continued to promise me that he would locate the items or buy replacemnt ones since he knew where he could purchase them.

      Unfortunately Mr. Heck NEVER did find the original Galil sling or cleaning kit. I tried to contact Mr. Heck several more times but Mr. Heck never responded back to my texts.

     In conclusion Mr. Heck had no problem taking my $8,000 in cash, however it appears he is too busy to keep his end of the deal. I hope I'm the only person who had who had a negative interaction with him. 




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Whoa just a minute there partner. Yes I  happen to know Matt and have known him for over 20 years. I introduced him to the class 3 world and this board when he was a young man. I have also done TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in business with Matt over the years.

NEVER ONCE was there a problem with one of our deals. With every deal, payment was made by certified check mailed overnight. Communication with Matt was 100%. He's 100% solid in my book.

After reading this negative post, I called Matt today 5/15/2019 @11 am, left a message and he called me back within 5 minutes.

Seems to be some things you left out of your rant.

Now I'm not saying that there wasn't a problem with the sling/s or that there wasn't a problem regarding the sling/s.

However after talking with Matt, it seems you're not telling the entire story.  

I take great offense to veritable unknowns on this board who like making chickensxit attacks on a good persons reputation because they didn't get their way. And all allegedly because of a sling? 

This post is especially irritating since you have also not told the entire story as it unfolded.

So answer this question ..did you scan the receipt for the replacement sling you claim you paid $139 at a gun show for and then send it to Matt for reimbursement?

Did you clear the sale of said Galil sling with him first BEFORE you allegedly decided to purchase one at the gun as a replacement,and then tried to recovery said amount from the seller?

And then act like a 5yo because he would not accept the story about paying $139 for the sling.. without supporting documents?

Seems to me you're acting like a 5 YO because you didn't get your way about being reimbursed the $139, and  then resort to blackening someones reputation in a passive aggressive manner as an act of juvenile retaliation?

Pretty petty fella.



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And another thing, when you're going to make an attack or post a negative remark about someone on this board..  have the decency to USE A REAL NAME, don't hide behind a moniker.

My full name is Robert Leyshion, Jr. AKA R.L. and Welsh Warrior. I have no problem owning this post and putting my name on it!


Robert Leyshion, Jr. 


Welsh Warrior and R.L.

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In order that this thread does not burn up more bandwidth with more "he said, she said" responses in this matter.. let me clarify a few things and end this now.

First, I have no "official"position here at Sturm, other than being one of the original members along with a core group of good guys from the 90's when this board first came online. 

However that said there is a certain unwritten code of decorum that most of us old timers understand and respect.

There were the Wild West days of reputation attacks, purse fights and pandemonium here on Sturm. Thanks to Buddy those days are long gone. Order was restored and most of us here understand the rules, including the unwritten rules of decorum. Violate them and Buddy will remind you, and sometimes ZAP you if you don't cooperate.

These boards are here to use in professional, gentleman like and friendly manner, not for sniping someone who you're pissed at or have a score to settle.

Personal reputations here can never be built on the ashes of someone else's diminished reputation or expense. Informing the members of a scumbag who ripped you off for $15K on a deal, well that's a different matter.

We all want to know about that type of person. 

When you enter the field of petty small disagreements, misunderstandings and the like, the board is NOT here to use to retaliate against another member, because there were some minor terms that were somehow not settled to mutual agreement misunderstood etc.

Making an all inclusive negative statement like that is kinda' like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Matt DID NOT rip you off, you received a couple of very nice weapons and as far as I've heard there were no complaints about the main purchase, the weapons.

To trash another member because of a "sling", is not appropriate behavior here at Sturm .

Millennial tantrum meltdowns are not sufficient justification for a board smear at Sturm. 

I stand by by opinion, Matt is not a rip off guy, he's not dishonest, and my business experiences with him, all of them have been 100%.

I'm sorry the two of you could not straighten this out off the board, but this venue is NOT the place for personal purse fights or tantrums.

I'm done.




Robert Leyshion, Jr


Welsh Warrior.


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Well as an outside observer I would say that R.L. is a perfect example of what is wrong with people in general:

1.) He is not involved with the sale.  He is not the seller.  He was not present for the deal.  Yet he thinks he knows something and feels compelled to post a bunch of nonsense.  

Do you see what I did there?  Why am I posting this?  Who the hell am I?

R.L.'s friend did a sh*%%y deal and needs to make it right.  Pretty simple really.  I don't care who either of these guys are friends with, or how many times they did things right.  The benchmark of every person's character is what they do when no one is looking, or put another way for those sitting back in the cheap seats, "character is revealed when things go wrong." Pretty typical these days, the seller f*Xd up and it is the buyers fault?  In this case the otherwise perfect seller did not provide the one sling, and cleaning kit.  This is not a matter for discussion, debate, or consideration. The fact that R.L. did a bunch of deals with the Seller is not relevant in any way.  This is not his forum, and Mr Heck is not on trial.

2.) The original poster bought two rifles from Mr Heck for the agreed upon sum of $8,000?  The last time I asked my Mom for that much money to buy a couple of overrated galil rifles she told me to get another paper route.  The original poster is obviously a cry baby because he paid $8,000 dollars for two rifles that are not 50% what one FN SCAR is.  Everyone knows this.  Everyone but the buyer.  Poor bastard.  I could of got him a hell of a good deal on a SCAR because that is what the NAVY SEALS use and therefore is the only gun anyone ever needs.  EVAR!  I am the NIGHT RIDER and I know all about gunz!  I have perfect feedback from my ENTIRE family and half the trailer park.  The other half are A$$holz. 

Do I even have to point out that this has nothing to do with anything?

3.) Seems to me that if the deal was done over a month ago that is was probably reasonable to figure that Mr. Heck was never going to send the sling and cleaning kit from the second rifle like he promised he would?  OR is that the original buyers fault too?  The buyer is a gullible fool right?  Who cares about a cleaning kit, and sling?  Maybe a collector who is willing to meet a guy with $8,000 cash for two (2) overrated pre 89 collectible galils that are supposed to be 100% complete? 

I wonder how one of the super respected, super awesome above reproach dealer guys would have treated the original poster if roles were reversed and he was trying to sell them the rifle without the sling and cleaning kit?  I would bet they would ding him 10% to 20% because of that?  Seriously?  Who is kidding who here?

4.) If the seller said he would either provide, or purchase the guy an original new sling and cleaning kit he needs to do it.  If he wanted to approve an alternative to the deal in advance he should not have given him the option to go find his own. 

If Mr Heck dislikes the purchaser that is NOT relevant, and no excuse for not holding up his end of the deal.  He took the money knowing the one box was short.  He said he had those items at home in his safe, and that he would get them to the original poster.  There is no way to spin this any other way than what it is; one guy owes the other guy a new cleaning kit, and sling from a pre 89 galil.

-Night Rider

The original rocking and rolling fuel injected suicide machine!!!

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SCOTT Y  or "NIGHTRIDER" OR whatever you care to call your self, have proven exactly ONE THING with the above post. but sadly it will take TOO MANY words to describe so in the interest of fairness will cut it short, BULL SHIT!   R.L may have not been involved in the transaction, but at least he knows ONE of the individuals in the thread. all you did was describe YOURSELF COMPLETLY because you knew even less!  I cant respond or come to any conclusion concerning the original transaction, BUT I can put a value on an ESTABLISHED MEMBERS OPINION!  and that's EXACTLY what R.L. DID ! he countered the attack by stating his results DEALING with another ESTABLISHED MEMBER and that's what THIS PLACE IS ALL ABOUT!

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Thanks Mike. You are truly a gentleman and scholar. Thanks for your post. You gotta laugh sometimes at this stuff. Reminds me of a story from my railroad days. As a 24 yo that just graduated from Airco Tech, in Baltimore, with AAR and AWS & ASME certification for unlimited thickness in plate and pressure vessels, i found a job offering at the railroad in the WAPO.

I applied at the yard located on Colvin St in Alexandria, off Duke St and was hired. I took a job at Fruit Growers Express. Being familiar with the area, I know you know where this facility used to be off Telegraph Rd. 21 acres of railroad manufacturing and repair.

Anyway in 1977 they were hiring and here I was a 24 yo smartass hotshot weldor with an  AAR & AWS & ASME unlimited thickness certification, in plate and pressure vessels. They hired me as a junior carman and told me I couldn't weld for 4 more years after my apprenticeship was complete. I wasn't too happy about that, but I was married with 2 girls so I took the job. Unlike most 24 y.o. snowflakes today. They would have been fired in a day, no doubt. This was men's work, no Starbucks breaks.

Within 2 weeks, the latest Gov.car program for regular box cars required an AAR certification for every weldor that worked on the new cars. I was the "only" certified weldor at the facility. They "told" me I was the new welding instructor to teach men who had been Master Carmen for decades , and that I had to teach them what they needed to know to pass the AAR plate test with 6011 and fast! Pretty heady stuff for a young man.

I taught a number of guys, 30+ years older than me to weld and pass their test, but the hostility towards me by these Southwest Virginians was verbal every day. So as a smartass 24 y.o. that thought I knew everything, liked screwing with them, thinking I was so f-ing smart. Being a weldor is nothing near being a master carman. I found that out as I too became a master carman in the future.

Anywho...there was a guy in the blacksmith's shop, who I taught, Red was his nickname. He was about 5'0 tall, but one of the most racaus, feisty bastards on the yard. He taunted me constantly, even though I was teaching him how to pass his test. He was an accomplished blacksmith AND carman. I was merely an apprentice at that time, learning, but no even close in skill set to this guy and most of the other men. He would say to me "boy, you ain't shit. You're 10 lbs of shit in a 5 lb bag, which of course pissed me off. I thought , that little fxxker has got a lot of nerve saying that about me.

Red passed his test in time, I spent the next 2 years finishing my apprenticeship early, and now I was an accomplished Master Carman. I could take an R.B hopper, or gondola or caboose apart, from the trucks to the sliding door to the airbrake system and repair them.

I thought I knew so much as a smart ass 24 y.o. walking into that yard the first day.. after all I was a certified weldor. Years later, as Master Carman , Master Steamfitter and Master Driller I understand just what ol' Red meant. When you're young, inexperienced, and FOS you let your mouth overload your brain and try to show just how smart you are, when really you're not too smart at all and really you're just 10 lb's of sxit in a 5 lb bag, fooling nobody.




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Lots of reminiscing and stories, but did you contact your buddy M. Heck about completing the deal?  Doesn't sound like it?  You can shoot the new guy messengers all you want, but if the seller didn't deliver, he's the turd.  You guys can polish that all you want, but it still stinks. 

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UHH, at no time was it my intention to become involved in an effort to become an arbiter/mediator in this purse fight. Did I say I was trying to mediate this sale, no where did I say or imply that. I think I made the intent pretty obvious in my posts. Supporting a friend.

My sole purpose of responding to the original post denigrating Matt's reputation was to support my friend, who I know well, against attacks from a veritable nobody who decided to post 1 month after the deal ended about a frigging sling.

The facts are known to few, certainly nobody here, only the seller and buyer know the "real" truth. I choose to stand by a friend.

I don't know this buyer from schmatz but I do know Matt and I believe his side of the story. Certainly you can believe whoever you choose, that's your right, as it it mine to support a friend. Commenting about past deals and experiences with a  friend in no way obligates my involvement in attempting to resolve this matter.

To quote another railroad friend...the more you stir shit the more it stinks, so at this point it's between the buyer and seller for a resolution. Time to let them either resolve it or walk away and stop acting like a 5 yo who can't get his way.

What really stinks is the way this story was told, the lack of inclusiveness of "all" the facts and the time frame involved in it's telling. That in of itself is very suspicious.

Why wait a month to tell your story?

In case it went by you ... my last post was an obtuse way of responding to a counterpost  made against me when focus was lost from the deal to me supporting a friend. That post was not in defense of Matt.

So let's keep the stories, the intent, the players and the statements straight.

Forget  "all" the facts, they were lost from the first post on. 



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R.L. the only reason I "jumped" in was because you didn't take sides with the "ISSUE" but DID support someone you have had past dealings with. anything more would have been like all the other posts in this thread useless. in this case it was claimed a member did not meet his end of the "deal" and you simply stated it would have been out of character for him to do so and you were totally correct to stay out of the actual transaction. any outsider taking sides without all the knowledge would be and is wrong and that's the bottom line! 3 CHEERS FOR YOU! 

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