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Help ID'ing FN30 Parts


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My first post, so, please forgive any mistakes.


I am helping a friend sell several FN30 kits that belonged to his dad. The kits have been mixed up, and includes spares and other parts.


I have figured out most parts, but there are variations in parts I cannot figure out.

First up are the barrel extensions/bolt carriers.

Can anybody let me know what are the reasons for the differences? Thanks.

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JOE, are you concerned with operation or just being completely correct?  many of the variations are just the way things were done when certain contracts were awarded, also FN was ALWAYS on the lookout for ways to cut costs. another problem is when building guns if they had a large supply of parts and could complete the order, they would use what they had. except for ISRAEL, most of the contracts were for small quantity orders. ITS hard to say without looking at the top, but I believe the right extension is for either the FN-38 or another aircraft gun that had "dual feed" SOME, but not all the FN-38's could be dual feed. I am certainly NO EXPERT, but had more than 75 kits at one time from ISRAEL , HOLLAND, and BELGIUM GOVT contracts. the only guns with any model markings were only model 38's not a single model 30 in my mess had that on it when I visited the plant the last time and managed to get "hands on" in the spec room  I found all kinds of variations in the SAME MODEL . 

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JOE, YOU ALMOST GOT IT ! the only part you didn't show is the part that tells the extractor what to do all will have machine work on one side and some on both sides , that is the ONLY thing to separate them. the FN-30 is  a TOUGH gun to ID because that really ID'S all the browning .30's that FN made to them it was a "type" I never found a bolt/ extension combo that would not run in ANY of them just remember if the parts are there for right and left feed at the trunnion then the bolt should have the switch only the later lite weight guns would dual feed  so if a sideplate is present that is "slab" sided it would not feed left and right.

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