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Ohio State SubGun Match

Got Uzi

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Location-Tusco Rifle Club
2132 Midvale Mine Road
Dennison Ohio 44621

Cost-$30 per class

Class break down-

Iron Sight
Optic Sight
Carbine (semi auto)
300 rounds needed per class (approximate) 

Match description

There will be 3 courses of fire that will be used to determine the shooters overall score. Shooters will be permitted to shoot only two classes (unless time is allowed for a second gun to be used in the squad) One class/gun will be shot in the morning, then after lunch, the second gun/class will be shot in the afternoon with awards being handed out upon the final tally of combined scores.  

Registration will be done the morning of the match as there a release form for the club will need to be filled out. No shooter cap, we will run as many shooters that wish to compete.

There are plenty of hotels in the area and plenty of good food as well. I will have a lunch stand available on site during the match. 

Also the shooters meeting will be at 9:30 with squad break down with the ranges going hot at 10:00. 

(330) 432-4598

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