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WTB - Thompson SMG Wood + Parts


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Hi, I am looking for original Thompson Submachine Gun wood - front and rear grips and the earlier (non-cross bot) buttstocks. I am also looking for parts both used and NOS condition (please nothing bent, rusted, pitted or modified) all models 1928,/ M1 and M1A1 (nothing newer than WW2 original production). I really need a 1928 lower trigger frame assembly (complete or stripped) in good condition.

I buy pretty well all types of Thompson items - webbing, manuals, parts, photographs, cases, accessories etc

I really need any parts for the Colt 1921 Thompson's: parts and wood plus all early accessories (Mills Canvas, Police / FBI Cases / Drum Magazines / Stick Magazines and Peters Shot Cartridges as well as Remington Riot Cartridges. Anything Colt Thompson!!! 

Let me know what you have and pricing. info@123tommyguncollectibles.com (remove the 123 to email me.

Thanks, Richard


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