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WTB Polytech,Norinco M14 Semi Auto


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OK GUY'S here is what I believe to be A LITTLE KNOWN FACT about the  POLY TEC m-14 -s what I am going to say is very easy to confirm but finding the example to confirm it might be a little tuff. as most in the know are aware. when we were cutting back on M-14 production, we assisted the TAIWAINESE GOVT in setting up a facility to manufacture the M-14 for issue there. my memory of exactly what went down between CHINA and TAIWAIN in politics, but SOMEHOW the CHINESE ended up with almost ALL those NEW select fire weapons. we were one of the FIRST shops in the US to deal DIRECT WITH CHINESE officials for "POLYTECH AK's and sold several hundred b-4 they brought in the M-14 "sporting guns". I had/ have always had a major personal interest in the M-14 and owned several ORIGINAL transferable examples from all 3 manufacturers including many of the preproduction prototype guns, so needless to say I was a completely hooked junkie and had to know all there is about the new imports , so when they mentioned them I ordered 20, and they landed long b-4 they were even known to be available. yes ,  it saddened me to see that solid fake hider with the welded nut on the barrel , but something else was rotten in Denmark and ATF COMPLETLY MISSED IT! the lack of markings on the "HEEL" of the receiver perplexed me at first. by close observation it was VERY apparent  that the "HEEL" had been ground down and on a couple, it was a typical Chinese CRUDE operation. I put them in a parts washer with that old GRAINGER SANTEEN SOLVENT and there was a GHOST of the old markings. THEY HAD USED ORIGINAL MG RECEIVERS AND GROUND ALL THE MARKINGS OFF then added the POLYTECH markings on the left side.  all those MG's had forged receivers and were built exactly like our US guns. I cant say how many were done or how long they did it, but there were almost 50 thousand guns produced according to the records. two off those guns were converted and used by us for countless thousands of rounds with lots of barrel changes and NOTHING ELSE. after the market got going and they were out about and used, then all the horror tales hit the streets and that NORINCO after birth sure didn't help any. my whole point in for this little charade is NOT ALL of the polytech m-14's guns were junk!  they are not the ONLY ones that used MG receivers where they shouldn't have. my first hot blue on a SPRINGFIELD SAR-48 , the "washer" glued in place of the SAFETY SEAR flew across the shop when I hit it with air? 

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