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1919A4 Unfired DLO E form


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Just picked  up a Unfired DLO 1919A4. These unfired 1919's are hard to come by. This one is an 100% Israel made and it specs out 100%. I am Thomas Earl Stewart and have been in the Business for now 19  years.  I will ship at asking price. 18500.00. Call anytime 602-763-8867IMG_20190412_103031.jpgIMG_20190412_103100_1.jpgIMG_20190412_103102.jpgIMG_20190412_103042.jpgIMG_20190412_103039.jpgIMG_20190412_103104.jpgIMG_20190412_103106.jpgIMG_20190412_103111.jpgIMG_20190412_103120.jpgIMG_20190412_103126.jpgIMG_20190412_103124.jpgIMG_20190412_103122.jpg

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