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Early HK metal forearm?


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IIRC ...... all 1966 HK41's came with the slimline forearm .......  I do not recall seeing any 66 with a metal forearm.

back in the 70's I did find a metal forearm ..... which quickly went on my CETME ...... to allowed bipod to fold ......

the metal firearm did not fit the 66 correctly ...... fit the CETME perfectly ......

The 66 used the standard HK forearm push pin ..... the metal forearm was attached using a spring clip [ attached to forearm ] snapping over barrel ..... 

also metal forearm is shorter than HK slimeline to allow clearance for attaching CETME folding bipod ....

CETME pretty much copied the early HK's


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AS USUAL, BUDDY CALLED IT RIGHT , but I will go one step deeper in the mire. I had a COMPLETE  factory assembled "SALESMANS SAMPLE" G-3 semi auto kit in the case that was prepared in GERMANY as a sales aid for GOLDEN STATE ARMS. every part had the same serial number and was hand selected for the matching numbered carry case. it had cutouts for the scope and claw mount, 3 magazines, cleaning kit, bayonet, and a folding stock. the gun had a slim line hand guard and the standard fixed stock .all the original sales aids paperwork was intact with dealer and retail pricing for guns and acc as presented with no mention of any additional parts not present in the case

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