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Can M16 Legally be Converted to Full Auto?


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I have purchased a M16 machine gun. I don't have the gun yet as the ATF is reviewing my application. I found thru a little research that M16's only auto fire in "3 round bursts." My question: Can the M16 legally be converted to a full auto? Can the parts be purchased? If yes, will this affect the resale value of the gun?

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I don't have an M16, unfortunately, but I do believe it is just a simple parts swap to go from burst to continuous full auto. 

I do not know of any legal issues with having the full auto parts you would need after you have been approved for and take possession of the M16. 

Value should be unaffected, regardless of if the gun is burst or continuous full auto.

Helena, Montana? 




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as stated above, its a simple process . when you get it and have a look you will see. while waiting take the time to learn about the system. it will come in handy down the road. try to stay with all mil spec parts and deal with responsible folks when shopping. there is a TON of junk out there.

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