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Scam Alert: Kevin Kirkland realmedia@outlook NFA items for sale

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Got this email today and it was far too easy to find out it is a scammer, got called out on 2 other boards on the HK sear!

Here is where he posted Pics of said sear, which was taken from a video that was not his and called out on it. Then crickets, go figure.....


Then a moderator removed it from this other board, they knew it was a scam too:




I am Kevin, I'm looking to relinquish my gun collection to raise some quick cash for an important project I'm working on. 

I have always collected these firearms as a form of investment. This seems like a great time to let go of some to raise cash. I have asked around and your name came up as someone who might be interested. 

Below is a list of arms in my collection:


-MP5 Sear

-Ruger AC556



I am working on a more detailed file comprising of photos and brief descriptions of each of the arms. I'll send you a link to my dropbox for more information.  

Let me know if you're interested or know someone who might have interest. I am also interested in trades, provided it includes cash. 


K Kirkland

(717) 467-3793

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