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WTS MG-34 7.62 coversion kit ORIG DANISH ARMY

mike todd

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This  kit has been in my HOARD more than 50 years! and sat unused . the BARREL is still wrapped in the rust preventative paper. its not likely you will ever see another even used, unless its the other used one I have. when sold the kit came with a feed slide assembly, feed tray and barrel. I am offering a choice WW II top cover assembly with the slide installed making it an easy SWAP.   Just to be clear what this sale includes you will receive a NOS BARREL , COMPLETE TOP COVER, and FEED TRAY . price is $1500.plus $40 FED-X ground. buyer can also add a choice complete 34 bolt assembly for an additional $200. making it a landed cost of $1740.00 pics are a pain and will be slow and first take it gets it pics pending or not.  

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