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FS: AnzioIronworks 14.5mm rifle


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Something a little different for sale:

14.5mm rifle built by AnzioIronworks.

40" barrel by Pac-Nor

40MOA scope rail

4 lug bolt head

Weight 61LBS

Overall length 71"

This is intended to be a package deal as it will include Ammo(35rds), Brass(110pcs), projectiles by lehigh design(160+/-), bushings to convert brass to 50BMG primers,

CH4D dies(FL sizer, Neck sizer, seater ).

As you will notice in the pictures it has a left hand bolt, this was done so as to facilitate reloading, because it is a rather large weapon.

Please contact me at  nickc750@gmail.com  or text 727-365-063three with your questions or for additional pics.






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