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Anybody else get flooded last night?


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Been up all night stacking sandbags and keeping my 3" pump clear. The assholes that run the T Nelson Elliott dam in Prince WIlliam co, dropped the Firestone bladder last night and dumped about 5 BILLION, that's a B for BILLION gallons of water last night.

Pretty much all at once.

We live 1 mile downstream, so you can guess what happened.

Luckily our sand bags held, but we have a monumental mess to clean up on the property!

2019 isn't starting off being a great year for us.

WTF is next ...locusts, plague, frogs raining from the sky.... drought would be a welcome condition right about now!!!

Man I must be paying for all the bad sxit I did when I was younger.

I should be about caught up with personal penance after last night!!



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R.L.   not confirmed BUT there has been several reports of a bent figure of a white haired, white bearded fellow carrying a long wooden shaft roaming the D C area I would look for more to come. see many frogs?   sorry to hear of your troubles, might be best to gang up with the neighbors and knock ea place out together. the added support not only gets more done, it show's who you can count on in later days when it gets REAL BAD!   keep your chin up and they cant beat you!   mike

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Sandbags restacked, floors mopped, but still an unbelievable amount of debris all over and around the property. Since one moron neighbor next door that fancies himself  a farmer, misses about 50% of the hay he cuts, when he bales, there are probably 100 round bales worth of crap hanging in the trees about 15' up!!!

Good news is no appreciable amount of water inside the house or shop, the sandbags held. Just a tip for you  guys that may experience flooding in the future. If you use sand bags make sure you use 4 mil plastic behind the bags. Cut the plastic about 2-3' beyond the sides of your opening and bag away as tight as possible, no gaps.

The Sturm board community never fails to amaze me. Charlie Logan at Ams and Ordnance called me numerous times during and after the flooding, to check on us. That was pretty damn nice, and I really appreciate it. :).

I might not be beat...but I'm gettin' pretty beat up here lately!

Golden years my ass...I had more fun when I was 25!



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