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NC/SC WTB FN PS90 for Birthday present


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Looking for a PS90 as a Birthday present for my son. He is not much of a gun person but has said on multiple occasions he would like one of these. Looking for a decent priced one, will pay fair value. Not an SBR to much wait time. If you have one or know the location of one please let me know by PM. Does not have to be new as long as it functions correctly. If we decide to SBR it I will do it on an e-mailed F1. Looking to deal with someone that has a history on here, HKpro, ect.

Please PM me with cost, location and pics if possible. Again if you don't have history don't send me a PM as I will not deal with you. I have lost money to a scammer in the past and I don't plan on doing it again.

Thanks for your time Tommy  

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