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WTS: ZB30J Barrel - Exc plus - $275 - OBO

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in my digging I found one of the rare spare parts boxes that CZ put in the bottom of all the transit chests for the 26-30 series and Brens its complete and solid with the top and even the little compartment lid inside . APPROX  16" X 8" X 2" the largest part it held was a bolt and the front of the carrier "gas piston" several extractors all the pins and most wear parts were backed up with the tools to service them. out of more than 200 chest's I only saw 2 of these EVER . for the guy that wants everything "BREN or ZB" its empty but easy to fill. sell for $75.00 landed continental US. AS ALWAYS NO CALIFORNIA OR MASS.  CHEERS MIKE

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