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I received this today with prices from 2003 Beware!!!


Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 5:28 PM
To: Peorms123@outlook.com
Subject: Re: WTS-NFA CLASS III Guns
How much for the FNC, M16A1, MP40?
In a message dated 3/15/2019 1:05:14 AM US Mountain Standard Time, Peorms123@outlook.com writes:
We are licensed Dealer and we have some NFA Class III  guns and accessories for sale.Let us know if you might be interested in them or have any customer looking for one. also If there is something that you are having trouble finding, reach out to us. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it for you
1. SWD M11 9mm Transferable
2. Ruger AC556
3 FN FNC 5.56 by S&H Arms. Folding stock,4 pos. select. with 3 rnd. burst.
4 Ingram powder springs MAC 10
5.Vector Uzi
6.German WWII C&R MP40
7.1918 Winchester C&R BAR
8.MP5A3, Qualified Sear in SEF Pack,
9. Cotl M16A1
10 Sten MK II Transferable Machine Gun
11- American 180 transferable machine gun
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