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60mm Mortar Cup classification


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BLUF: I need a document with ATF markings stating that a 60mm mortar cup is a Title 1 firearm.


I bought a 60mm mortar cup from a guy off gunbroker who marketed it as a Title 1 firearm that can be transferred over a 4473. The guy asked to see my Form 1 for my 60mm mortar DD before he would ship it. This is just the unbarrelled receiver and no barrel accompanies it. He then sends the cup with a copy of my Form 1 to my local FFL. They cannot process NFA firearms and panicked when they saw the Form 1. They will not transfer it to me unless they see official ATF guidance or documentation as to the classification of the cup. Does anyone have official ATF paperwork or documents that explicitly state the classification of a 60mm mortar cup with no barrel attached?

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