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Pre 89 mags and accessories

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Hi to all, all Mags and Accessories are NEW and OEM!

50rd 9mm Spectre mags 4 available $200.00 each  SOLD

50rd .223 Galil mags 6 available $100.00 each  SOLD

Galil .223 bfa with mag $125.00

Sterling Scope mount $200.00

Fnc bayonet and scabbard $150.00  SOLD

Fn 50.63 bayonet and scabbard $150.00

Fnc M7 scabbard and bayonet lug $150.00  SOLD

Fnc scope mount  $250.00  SOLD

Fnc Bfa $75.00  SOLD

Fnc carbon scraper $50.00  SOLD

IMI in original Action Arms IMI white boxes 32rd Uzi mags 6 available $75 each




Galil 50rd.jpg

Galil bfa.jpg




fnc carbon.jpg


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