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M1A1 Thompson kit with cut receiver

Stripper Clip

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I came across a complete M1A1 Thompson kit that includes cut receiver halves.  Searching on line, I have read and seen photos describing the build process where these kits have been made in to semi-auto only NFA Short Barreled Rifles.  I also found commentary that said rewelded demilled receivers were legal in the past, but BATFE changed their stance on this.  I went to the BATFE website to see if Q&A existed about this, but found nothing there on the topic.  Insight welcome and appreciated, thanks.    

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when considering a project such as building a legal semi auto weapon or ANYTHING controlled by the ATF, YOU MUST REMEMBER , they can/will only answer a question using the law and rulings as they judge they apply and will NEVER add anything to your question to make rules fit.  you MUST stick to the facts as they are. to help you in this direction, here is how things fit # 1, after a firearm is destroyed, they no longer have any interest or involvement unless you do something making it or anything else a firearm. #2 a "destroyed firearm is only scrap metal like any other piece of metal in common trade. #3 when putting cut receivers together, you must install "denial" plates b-4 welding cut pieces that prevent any EXISTING ORIGINAL MG INTERNALS. #4, altered full auto internals to prevent full auto use are NOT CONTROLLED! but keep in mind few laymen know how good the tech branch is at getting 2 or more rnds off with a single function. a perfect example is the .223 conversion for the MAC-10 , they used a shoe string and made it fire multiple rnds as it was shipped without a MAC lower.   finally, I cant stress the fact hard enough that legal spec cut MG's are only metal and any question to the ATF are wasted.  I was typing this when you said no reply needed so here it is

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Hi Stripper Clip,

I sure could use the M1A1 parts kit.  I have a papered DEWAT M1A1 Savage Thompson that I have paid $200 & filed a form 1.  Now I am waiting for up to a year to get my Stamped form 1 back so I can REWAT my machine gun.  

If you don't need it and it is still is available, please give me a lead on it.

Thank you,


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