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WTS C+R MG-34 with extra's $20k

mike todd

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This MG-34 looks as good as they come just returned with a pro refinish end to end and all new springs. gun is a total mismatch with a late 41 ar , mfg front section. it transferred out of a long standing eastern collection as a C+R when the owner passed on. coming from an estate makes any explanation of origin etc impossible and it must be accepted as what it is. the ONLY markings on the receiver is the serial number in the usual location on the 34. the form 4 has the manufacturer listed as "T HOFFLE" . judging from appearance , there is no doubt the receiver is an original war time piece that has never been cut .  the serial number flat appears to have evidence of welding and the  numbers are obviously hand stamped. THE ONLY KNOWN HISTORY OF THIS GUN OTHER THAN AS EXPLAINED, IS IT WAS ENTERED IN THE SYSTEM PRIOR TO 1968 .  the gun is offered in 8x57 caliber, and will come with 2 spare bolts and 3 spare barrels . 2 excellent cond WWII and 1-new post war . I installed an original DANISH .308 conversion and  it would not run consistently. the fired case's would spin 180 and not clear the bolt so it has been removed and gun put back to 8mm.   buyer has a choice of an original Excellent condition wood stock OR a RARE METAL TIPPED PLASTIC STOCK. gun is on a form-4 in TEXAS, offered as described for $20,000.00 buyer pays all fees, shipping etc





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