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M16a1 Color


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Hello.  I have a question for the forum.  I have an M16a1 with a triangular forend.  It is gray.  I would like to redo the gun in black.  The same black used by H&K.  My question is will it affect the guns value.  I suspect not.  There's nothing special about the gun that makes it collectible.  Just a nice Colt.  Anyway, I want to put a 416 upper on it and I want the colors to match. Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance!

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It's your gun and do with it as you must, buuut, one day you are going to sell it and it being a genuine Colt, that may/will affect its value even if it's a beater. I have a Colt M-16A1 and even though it's not 100% and I like my guns 100% no way would I alter the color.



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