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7.62x39 HK 21


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Greetings from Florida.

Anyone know if H&K or aftermarket smiths have done this conversion? Maybe using rpd links?

Shooting the 21 in .308 last weekend, was reminded how harsh the recoil is. However, my 8" bbl PTR in 7.62x39 is a pleasure to shoot, and ammo is much cheaper.

Thanks for the boards! BP


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Try calling Ken at TPM Outfitters. He might be a good source of information regarding what it is you are wanting to do. Might be worth a call. They worked on a couple HK's for me and I was quite happy with work quality.

1003 W Main St 
Carrollton, Texas 75006
(972) 695-6012 


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For quite a few years Mike Otte of Michael's Machines has been saying that he was going to offer a 7.62x39 version of his MM 23E/21E, but so far nothing has actually been offered.  I'm still hopeful, as it would be an interesting alternative to the 21E in .308 and the 23E in .223.

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Yeah I have also talked with MM about the x39 conversion kit over the past five years and get the same answer "just about finished with this part that part" but nothing

concrete. Have both caliber conversions for his gun and have real good success with both. I'm waiting for his conversion as I've got 20,000 rnds + of x39 to shoot.

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