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I was sorting a recent auction buy that had a large quant of ammunition. I noticed that many boxes had a "tax stamp" much like you will see on tabacco products. they were in .08 cent increments and a box of 32 ong colt had two .16 stamps. I believe them to be from South Carolina as they had a S/C mark. this is the first time I have heard of any official ammo tax and I was very surprised to say the least. many times it has been proposed and mainly in Kalifa where you would expect it. is this thing current? can anybody enlighten me about ammo taxes in effect or past? ITS ONE OF MY BIGGEST FEARS no 2nd amend protection spelled out and they could price it out of existence. what about RELOADS?  GADS !

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Yes Mike. Have seen them many times in the past. always SC. Got some Garand 30 cal en bloc clips awhile back that had a stamp on each one.

This was like 20 years ago. Don't think they still do that.  Maybe someone here can enlighten us!

Maybe the stamps will be collectibles?


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MAYBE the tax was something from the past that was repealed ? the ammo looks like stuff from the 80's or 90's its the Winchester/ western white box with the gold X. now that I know how to post pics, next time I visit the vault I will snap some and post them for posterity or what have you. 

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