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SOLD M3 Grease Gun  C&R Form 4. See photos and details below  SOLD

SOLD Swedish K transferable  SOLD

SOLD M1 Thompson transferable eForm 3     See photos and details below

SOLD Guide Lamp M3 Grease Gun. British Proofs on barrel. Works perfectly. Good looking with worn black finish. No dents or other damage. I do not see evidence that a mag release guard was ever welded on and later removed. From my personal collection and will ship directly to your C&R on a Form 4. 50/50 is OK.Check for $23,000.00 plus shipping and transfer tax. No Credit cards please.Yes, I will accept 50% up front and the balance when the Form 4 is approved.

SOLD M1 Thompson in beautiful condition. Works perfectly, has great wood and blued finish. Form 3 transferable. Built on the highest quality steel in the 80's on a Philadelphia Ordnance receiver by Urich with WWII-era parts. The lower was made by Savage.Will transfer quickly to your dealer via eFile. Check for $18,500.00 plus shipping and transfer tax. No Credit cards please.








SOLD  Swedish K/Gustav M45 on Wilson tube with Port Said parts kit. This fine shooter works just as it should. Minor surface scratches, looks great overall. Comes with one 36-round magazine.

eForm 3 for fast transfer. $16,350 plus shipping and any transfer taxes.

In stock at our shop and ready to go.

sfp23info  at   gmail dot com or PM me here.









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