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F/S: British BSA MKII* Browning $15K or Offer


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For Sale is a 1940 MKII* BSA Browning Aircraft gun

The gun was amnesty registered by its current owner and sat incomplete since then. 

We have tracked down the parts needed to get it running as well as a large grouping of spares that go with the gun. Gun includes both triggers needed to run. 

The finish on the gun is gone, but the metal is in good shape. There was a lot of dirt and light rust on the parts, with the internal parts fairing worst. The barrel jacket has a dent in it and the largest cone is missing from the flash hider. The original barrel had a stuck case in it with the head missing. The gun was missing the bolt, back plate and both triggers. Based on this and the amount of dirt in the internals, it would be my guess that this gun was in an aircraft that ditched somewhere and was recovered from some body of water. The front bushing on the receiver does not match the ones I have seen for the turret or flexible guns, so it may have been a wing gun in a fighter. If recovered from a plane that would explain the missing triggers since they would still be attached to the solenoids.


Spares include 3 spare bolts, at least one spare extractor, 3 or 4 top covers (plus the original), 3 or 4 barrels, several back plates, a spare lockframe or two, a spare barrel extension. Plus a number of small parts.

It does not have a ground firing grip or trigger, but we could likely build one in the same gist as the ones the Brits made. 

Asking $15,000 for the gun, parts and 25 links (I bought some to test the gun after rebuild). 



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Update for Ad. Changed price, added video
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