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WTS: American 180 M2 Pre86 Dealer Sample Big Package

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As pictured, Pre-86 Dealer Sample American 180 M2 with the following:

3 Uppers, one barrel is integrally suppressed; 4 drums, one is steel; winders and a nice padded case.

This 180 came from Val Cooper at E&L MFG here in Oregon and this is a nice complete package!

This is a Pre-86 dealer sample and can only be transferred to another SOT.

Sales Price $8700 plus $65 for Priority shipping and we use eForms for the quickest most reliable transfers.

A 180 M2 05.jpg

A 180 M2 04.jpg

A 180 M2 03.jpg

A 180 M2 02.jpg

A 180 M2 01.jpg

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