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WTS: HK MP5-K by Vollmer w/Transferable Qualified Sear see Pics!

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The host started out as a very clean inside and out HK SP89, Vollmer then remarked to MP5-K, installed a Flapper Mag release, K Grip, welded HK carrier, IK date code. The sear is a registered Qualified MFG and is in a new HK 4 position (0-1-3-F) trigger pack.

This is a one stamp package and the sear is not married to the host.

If you are looking for an MP5A3 and not a K gun, we have one available that we can place this sear/trigger pack into, it is an SBR, so an extra stamp needed for a F4 buyer.

We eFile for quickest approval time. $36,500.00 Priority Mail shipping add $45.00.

K1108 4.jpg

K1108 3.jpg

K1108 2.jpg

K1108 1.jpg

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