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WHILE I FIND ALMOST ALL THE FOLKS ON THIS SITE TO BE TOP DRAWER,  I MUST ADD A SPECIAL PRAISE FOR "SHERMAN IN OHIO"  IE; SHERMAN 3. I recently bought a sealed case of EAST GERMAN steel cased ammo from him that was described exactly as that. "A SEALED CASE OF GERMAN AMMO" when I opened it up it was discovered that the contents had been wet and a large percentage was rusty and not serviceable. I did NOT expect him to do anything OR ask , but did tell him in case he had more to sell.  when I got his return note it was obvious he was as surprised as me. short story , he is sending me some additional hand picked ammo to make up for OUR loss.  he made this offer on his own without any proof on my end. all I can say is , if you have a chance to deal with him DONT HESITATE. he is a TRUE GENT!

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