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I'm sure some of you are probably already aware of this new treatment for pain and a host of other conditions,  available through physical therapists and doctors. It's called "cold laser" therapy. I just discovered it this year.

For older guys, like me, who either through genetics or from earlier times in life thoughtlessly beat the hell out of your body with work or sports, this new procedure may be of some interest. You can buy treatments at a provider or buy your own unit, although professional full powered units are not cheap, but who can put a price on personal comfort?

Now I will digress a bit. We raise Champion Presa Canario's with breeding stock from D & G kennels. I really love these dogs. Last summer my 125 lb fawn female developed a lump on her left knee which was steadily increasing in size. I was concerned it might be osteo sarcoma, having lost a beautiful Neo Mastiif to that horrible disease 4 years previously.

After taking her to Hope Veterinary  Hospital in Vienna, we discovered she developed a "hygroma". Hygroma's come from irritation or blunt force trama, bumping into things, impact and such. 

They recommended cold laser therapy. I was not familiar with it but we decided to start treatments, and after 3 weeks, the hygroma started to shrink. Today you can't even tell she had one, and it was the size of a golf ball originally.

After years of electrical fields running through my hands, as collateral damage from welding (stick, high frequency from TIG, 1/2" carbon electrode arc gouging etc) the joints in my hands hurt constantly now. Took vike for a long time, but that's not a viable or sensible solution as it just masks the pain at considerable personal health risk.

The wife did some research and discovered cold lasers were available to consumers for human use in addition to veterinary use. after some initial training. She bought  me one for Christmas this year.

It is a moderately powered dual beam unit 2800mW@808+-15nm. The manufacturer is Avant Wellness Systems. Made in the USA!!

I'm using it for my knee and hand joint pain. Too early to say now how effective it is, but if the results are as impressive as the results on my dog, I'll be more than happy. I'll report back on my finding in a couple of months.


I wish you all a pain free new year.



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