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Large lot of M-2 50 cal & other BMG small parts, 1300.00 shipping on me

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A lot to list here.....

16ea M-2 accelerator pins

4ea M-2 top cover feed slide

5ea M-2 top cover feed pawl

22ea M-2 top cover feed pawl arm

2ea M-2 feed pawl bracket pin

1ea M-2 belt feed lever

2ea M-2 sear

1ea M-2 buffer guide

4ea M-2 cartridge stop, rear

2ea M-2 link stripper

1ea M-2 backplate latch

1ea M-2 topcover latch, just the latch itself, not the assembly

3ea M-2 cartridge stop, front

10ea M-2 extractor switch, 2 appear lightly used

6ea M-2 RSG frame screw, small

1ea M-2 retracting slide lever spring

1ea M-3 trunnion shim #C-7

1ea M-2 RSG frame screw, large

1ea M-2 Trigger bar pin

1ea M-2 breech lock cam spring

1ea FN-30 top cover assembly

1ea M-37 front sight assembly, I think

1ea 1919 backplate T&E clip w/screw and washer

1ea M-2 watercooled rear sight assy, missing the 2 small screws that hold the elevation slide halves together

1ea M-2 buffer and housing assembly, missing the lock spring, otherwise complete, appears new.

1ea M-2 starlight scope mount, arm to the side, missing one lock screw

1ea M-2 barrel bearing, steel

1ea M-3 aircraft bronze muzzle bearing

3ea M-2 firing pins

3ea M-2 rear sight screws

1ea 50 cal cleaning rod, sectioned, in the box

2ea M-2 bolt switch

23ea M-2 buffer disc

2ea M-2 grip tubes, w/screws, screws are rusted

Round cover and chain for top of M-1 50cal anti-aircraft tripod, used, rusted, would refinish OK

1ea M-2 RSG mount stud and nut

1ea M-2 top cover pawl detent, early type

5ea various mount locking pins

1ea M-2 bolt latch assembly tool, not arsenal, but nice.

1ea 30cal,(1919)T&E locking lever, screw& spring

2ea M-2 rear sight ladders, and other small rear sight parts, knobs, detents, etc.

7ea 1919 barrel lock springs

3ea M-2 30 cal, tripod sleeve latch

1ea M-2 barrel carry handle, used

9ea M-60 barrel locking shaft,old type


A majority of the small parts are new, some show light use, all are serviceable.

A small handful of unidentified trinkets go with this as well.


Looking for 1500.00 plus shipping. Should fit in a large FRB, except the 1919 barrel, insurance is at the buyers discretion. Priced below Numrich, and substantially below BMG parts. PM if interested






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Price lowered!AGAIN!
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Posted (edited)

If I remember correctly, everything is still there except the 30cal 1917 barrel, which was sold out separately a while ago. I don't remember selling anything else. Heck, I posted this almost 4 years ago. I can dig it out and go through it if you're REAL serious.

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