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WTB ZB26 ZB30 post dealer sample/pre May/parts


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We are looking for a Czech ZB 26 or ZB 30 model machine gun, either a post dealer sample or pre May. Would also be interested in a parts kit/magazines and barrel(s). Cash and demo letter in hand. Also have G36KE, MP5A2, AK104 (7.62x39), several other sub guns and re-welds we might consider trading. If anyone knows of a source for either model, postie or pre-May; or a decent parts kit/mags, please let us know. Thanks,


Mike Owen
Meridian Ordnance LLC
Phone 859-520-3436
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mike, I started with the zb series in the 60's and have owned several live guns and more than 100 demilled. most of my 30's came in wooden  transit chests with all acc and a spare brl. in ALL the chests only 2 examples had the sectioned wooden spare parts box I believe them to be quite rare and a nice addition. somehow I missed sending it with the few last kits at the SAR show in phx and its available  should you like it. the 20 rnd mags came with 3 diff followers. IE; heavy forging with finish machining, and heavy cast. both are equal and the best to use, but these days the first type are quite rare. the 3rd type had stamped steel followers that seemed to work ok but do not feel as smooth while loading. I have close to 100 of the 2nd type , I still use them but could share a few if need be. I use them in my Brens in 8mm and .308. I also have a couple of the small metal 4-mag carriers with leather strap if you like that. I might even be talked out of a couple of the never seen 40 round mags if we do something. I don't believe there are any left with waffenampts.  the wood parts/toolbox is $75.00, small metal mag can w/leather shoulder strap $100 , without strap $65.00. all good functional but paint has chips. 20 round mags w/ cast follower $100 ea .  if I do the 40 rnd that will take some thought in 50+ yrs I found less than 20 and bought everyone offered for sale I paid as much as $75 in the 60's and got 2 at $200 ea in 81 or 82 so they wont be cheap and its likely you will NEVER hear of them again form anybody. there is also a  chance I have 2 -8mm zb-30 barrels. if so they are mint and complete. I will need to confirm them and the search is hard with more than 900 barrels in the rack I had no plans to sell any of this stuff, cuz at 70 I still use and enjoy it all  and know whats coming , so don't mind sharing  cheers mike





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