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WTS: Post May Samples, NO DEMO LETTER for Class 2's


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SOT status ends Jan 9, 2019, transfers must be filed by that date or a PD letter will be required!

All the following guns are POST MAY Samples that will transfer to a Class II with no demo letter needed.
Class III dealers will need the proper LE demo letter.  Prices do NOT include shipping and insurance.  I will
ship using the method specified by the buyer.

All these guns have been used for the Outdoor Channel show Gun Stories w/Joe Mantegna. 

Many great shots of the guns in action and many high-speed Phantom camera shots.


MP5A2 - German with plastic SEF lower, Mk9K suppressor, 3 magazines and an Eagle soft case $3800

M16A2 - Completer lower less buttstock so you can configure as you like, $1000

BAR 1918A2 $4500

1919A4, Tripod, T&E, wood transport case, new sideplate properly salt hardened rear section $4500

Vickers Mk1 Tripod, T&E, water can, hose, transport case, reman on Aussie parts kit $6500

I've also got plenty of spare parts, barrels, belts, loaders, tools etc so if you need something with the gun, just ask.

Cory Trapp

Gunsite Academy, Inc.


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